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Top 5 Gifts and Adrian Peterson Fan Would Love

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Vikings Draft Anlysis

Minnesota in the draft did fairly well. They picked up Shariff Floyd out of Florida. Floyd will bring back dominance to the front four. This giving the vikings a solid line. Minnesota drafting Xaviar Rhodes was a predictable pick. The Vikings i think made a great choice with drafting Cordarrelle Patterson. He needs a little improvement but he will become a dominant player after some experience in the league.

After trading with the patriots, everyone assumed that they would be drafting a linebacker. If they went with drafting a line backer they might had a long term linebacker, and would have saved some money while doing it.

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Future betting odds on the favorites NFL teams in the NFC and AFC leagues

If you are placing some future bets on the NFC or AFC leagues, then at this time of year you should be aware that the odds that are on offer tend to be dominated by recent performances of the various teams modified slightly be the drafts. Many supporters bet on their favorite teams, and while there is nothing at all wrong with that, it is not necessarily the best way to maximize your winnings. With that little bit of advice in mind, let’s look at the betting odds that are on offer for the NFC and AFC favorites.

Looking first at the top four NFC teams in terms of betting odds to win the league, the San Francisco 49ers are the favorites with odds of 9/2; second favorite is the Green Bay Packers which is priced at 6/1, followed by the Seattle Seahawks at 7/2, the Atlanta Falcons at 9/1 and finally the New Orleans Saints at 10/1. Comparing this with the odds of the top four AFC teams where the New England Patriots are the favorite team which is priced at 3/1; Denver Broncos are the second favorite priced at 7/2, followed by the Houston Texans at 6/1, Baltimore Ravens at 8/1 and Pittsburgh Steelers at 10/1, the pattern is very similar.

It is also worth noting that the odds on the top AFC team, the New England Patriots, winning the Superbowl are 7/1, while those on the top NFC team, the San Francisco 49ers, winning it are 8/1.

If all of that is just too close to call and you are interested in somewhat longer odds, then why not click over to an online casino like Lucky Nugget for some different kind of NFL action in the form of 5 Million Dollar Touchdown. This is an American Football themed 5 reel 20 pay line video slot game which has some very interesting features, not the least being a real opportunity to hit the major jackpot and score a touchdown for a prize of £5 million. There are also some excellent prizes and minor jackpots that you can win on the way so it is well worth a few spins.

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Our Viking Blog has a new home

Our humble Vikings blog has a new home. We are excited to officially merge with today. Click here for our new Vikings Blog Home Page.

Receiver/Running Back/Return Man extraordinaire? Yup! u guessed it, Percy Harvin. I wonder how far the team could have gone last season with Percy Harvin on the field the whole season, and I am sure Adrian Peterson was wondering the same thing. Unfortunately that question will go unanswered after the Vikings traded Harvin away to the Seahawks. Peterson was understandably upset after losing Harvin, and can you blame him after rushing for 2,097 yards and leading his team to the playoffs? Despite his injuries Percy Harvin is a dynamic player and was off to a MVP worthy start to the season before being injured. Lets see how the Vikings fair next season with the addition of Greg Jennings at receiver.

Players to Watch in 2013: Greg Jennings, Christian Ponder

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Give AP The Ball

Adrian Peterson has not found the end zone since week one, despite being an elite running back. It is time to put the ball in his hands more, as he seems to be recovered from his ACL injury.

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The Vikings were 3-13 last year and will go 5-11 this year. Poor Adrian Peterson.

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Minnesota’s Biggest Draft Need

The only tangible thing Brett Favre gave the Vikings last season with his lackluster performance was a chance to move up on the board for the 2011 NFL Draft. Even though no one is sure if we’ll even have “football” next year due to the NFLPA beefing with everyone who isn’t the NFLPA, the Draft is still on schedule and teams are still going to approach life the same way, only with a bigger sense of urgency to fill in needed gaps.

For the Vikings in particular, the biggest need is a stable star at the QB position. Tarvaris Jackson and Joe Webb simply are not reliable enough to put stock in. With the team Minnesota has in place, they’re only QB play away from the big show, so addressing their needs at the helm should be the first step the team takes.

Some speculate Minnesota may go for a defensive end, and they might if a star player like Cameron Jordan is still around for the 12th pick. But if anyone’s predictions are correct, from best online casinos and sports books to Mel Kiper’s big board, the DE’s are going to be G-O-N-E, and a player like Jake Locker may fall into the Vikings’ lap.

Of course, with the Bengals and Bills ahead of the Vikings, you cannot guarantee that Locker is going to be around, meaning they may have to settle for Blaine Gabbert, which would probably spur a DE pick first and foremost. But if Minnesota really wants to make an impact over the long haul, as their overall roster is relatively young, drafting a QB is definitely in their best interest.

A great DE can turn things around, but a great QB can instantly take a struggling team to the next level. See Sanchez in New York for the proof.

Out of Washington, Jake Locker has been one of the most consistent collegiate quarterbacks in recent memory when he’s been healthy. His past two seasons were stellar, finishing with QB ratings of 124.20 and 129.75.

His big arm, mobility and field vision perfectly suit Minnesota’s offense. It allows them to be a run-first offense still potent enough to rely on the throw on passing downs. Essentially, a great QB effectively takes the Vikings back to 2009 – something every Minnesota fan would love.

If you had to bet on it, the odds of Locker being around are actually good. Out of the 11 teams in front, only two legitimately need a quarterback, and both the Bengals and Bills are rumored to be leaning toward Newton. This means only one team out there can threaten to grab Locker or Gabbert, and that means the odds of one of these QBs falling to Minnesota are great.

We’ll call it 5:3 that the Vikings get the chance to grab Locker and 4:2—even money—that they pick him. You won’t find odds this good playing online roulette, but it’s definitely still just a prediction.

For Blaine, we say the odds are even he falls to Minnesota but only 6:1 that they’d take him over a DE.

We’ll wait like everyone else to see how it plays out. And like every other NFL fan out there, we’ll be rooting for a spectacular season and not some lockout nonsense.

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Vikings Beat Cards To Keep Season Afloat

Just in case you thought Brett Favre has accomplished everything there possibly is to accomplish, think again. In Sunday’s come from behind 27-24 overtime win against the Cardinals, Favre threw for 446 yards, which is the most he’s thrown in a single game throughout his storied career. He also threw two touchdown passes and two interceptions. And he threw the ball 47 times. But why? I don’t know. Once again the mind of Brad Childress astounds me.

With the Cardinals up 24-10 going into the fourth quarter, I thought the game was over. But wouldn’t you know it, Favre had a little more magic left in that golden arm of his to win it in overtime.

Some observations gathered from the game:

Adrian Peterson carried the ball 15 times for 81 yards and a pair of touchdowns, one on the ground and through the air. He should be getting 20-26 carries a game, but Favre was rolling (despite throwing two picks).

How about Greg Camarillo making that diving strip on Kerry Rhodes just yards away from the end zone to save a touchdown and Favre in the process? That was an outstanding play that ultimately saved the Vikings.

A special shout out to Ryan Longwell: that was an absolute abysmal display of your athleticism on that diving/falling attempt to tackle LaRod Stephens-Howling on his 96 yard kickoff return for a touchdown. Really, you are awesome. Keep it up.

Percy Harvin has been outstanding for the Vikings this season, but that fumble returned for a touchdown to start the second half that put the Vikes down 21-10 was killer. He had a great game though, catching nine balls for 126 yards.

Favre continues to throw dumb passes. He does it with the best of them. His first interception was horribly under-thrown and an easy pick for Rhodes. His second one in the end zone was even worse as he tried to make a play while getting clobbered…again. He is one of the worst/best quarterbacks to ever play this game. That is the conclusion I have come to and I’m sticking to it. Does it make sense? Not really.

When it comes to red zone offense, particularly inside the ten yard line, there should be no other alternative then for Favre to hand the ball off to AP. He’ll find a way into that end zone. They should have done that on the drive where Favre threw his second interception. Childress finally came to his senses and gave it to him with inside of four minutes to go in the game down 24-10. And what do ya know, he got in.

Visanthe Shiancoe will be a go-to receiver once again with Randy Moss off the team. He caught the tying touchdown in stride, finishing with four catches and 66 yards.

The overtime drive was big time. First AP’s big run, then… wait for it… a Bernard Berrian sighting! Wow! Where have you been all of my life? Berrian had nine catches for 89 yards. Wait, let me double check that… yup, 89 yards! It’s amazing! Those two plays set up the game winning field goal from Longwell, redeeming his sorry excuse for a tackle earlier.

Sorry, I’m still dumbfounded at the sudden spike in Berrian’s production! Through seven games he a whopping 87 total yards receiving. Unbelievable.

Favre’s chinstrap contraption was absolutely epic. That thing was so bulky and uncomfortable. You could tell it was irritating Favre.

In addition to getting treated to Berrian’s good day, Jared Allen had 2.5 sacks after getting just one in the previous seven games! He’s finally coming alive! Or it could just be because they are playing the Cardinals.

The Vikings took a step in the right direction Sunday. The win wasn’t pretty, but they got a win. At 3-5, they aren’t out of it. They just have to work harder to make up some ground. Next Sunday’s game against the Bears should be an accurate gauge for both teams.

By Josh Delp of the Sports Fan Blog Network

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Viking Ship Sinking and Sunk: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

“This decision was made based on what we thought was in the best interests of the Minnesota Vikings, both in the short and long term. We wish Randy the best as he moves forward in his career.”

Hmmm…. Now where have I heard that one before?

Those all too familiar words were uttered out of the mouth of Vikings Coach Brad Childress upon releasing Randy Moss from the team after playing in only four games. Moss’ second stint with the Vikings fell short simply for being his usual outspoken self. Apparently Childress didn’t get the Randy Moss 101 memo and decided to can him.

The Vikings traded a third-round draft pick to reacquire Moss from the Patriots, which begs the question: why did they trade for him if they knew what they were getting into? A draft pick was wasted in what was the ultimate desperation move for this team. They are rapidly circling the drain, and this decision provides more evidence of that fact.

Now the Vikings fan base is calling for Childress’ head, and rightfully so. In a poll taken by a local Minnesota newspaper, over eighty percent of the ticket buying public wants Childress fired immediately. This move is the last straw for Childress. His coaching skills were questioned in the past (most recently in the Packers and Patriots games), and now that he has ousted Moss so quickly, he is done for. A loss to the Cardinals this weekend spells doom for Childress’ career in the NFL.

Before all hell breaks loose on Childress (although it may have already happened), let’s examine the motives for releasing him to see if they were credible.

Moss is forthright with his words. That is one of the things I love about him. He doesn’t sugarcoat things. He is also incredible self-centered. In his press conference after the loss to the Patriots, Moss gave a lengthy speech about missing playing with Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots.

Moss was fined $25,000 by the league for neglecting to talk to the media. In the same press conference, Moss expressed his frustration by saying he wasn’t going to answer any more questions from the media for the rest of the year. I certainly don’t blame him. It is unquestionably dumb to fine a guy for not talking to the media.

He also threw Childress under the bus by saying the Vikings didn’t heed his advice on certain plays the Patriots would run against them. This isn’t the first time he disagreed with Childress.

Remember the end of the first half against the Packers in which the Vikings had two timeouts and thirty seconds to get down field for a score but Childress decided to let the clock run down? Favre had just completed a bomb to Moss on the previous play, though it was called back for pass interference. Childress has supplied the ammo for criticism. As a result, Moss and Favre have cocked and loaded it and pulled the trigger.

Then there is the food tirade heard round the practice facility. Apparently Moss disrespected a post-practice team meal that was catered by a local St. Paul restaurant. As his teammates lined up to chow down, Moss went off on the quality of the food and refused to eat it.

The unnamed player who witnessed Moss’ outburst characterized it as an uncomfortable moment. He also felt that Moss deserved to be cut because of it. Really? For complaining about food? Okay.

The bottom line remains: the Vikings, especially Owner Zigy Wilf, knew what they had with Randy Moss and they traded for him anyway. I am interested to hear Wilf’s side of this. Did he want Moss gone or was this all Childress’ doing?

Moss’ absence on the field will have a huge impact on Percy Harvin. He flourished in the natural slot position with Moss on the field. Now that there is no more deep threat on the field, Harvin’s effectiveness shrinks. Add to the fact that Harvin might not play next week as he nurses his injured ankle, and the Vikings receiving core consists of Bernard Berrian, Greg Camarillo, and Greg Lewis. Great…

As harsh as it may sound, Childress needs to be fired immediately. He has lost all confidence and credibility in his locker room. Favre’s differences have been well chronicled, but Moss’ qualms solidifies Childress’ status with this team. It’s time to promote Leslie Frazier and try to salvage what little life is left in this disappointing season. Wait a second, there isn’t any life left anymore. What a waste.

By Josh Delp of the Sports Fan Blog Network

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Favre Throws Away Game to Rival Packers In Last Game at Lambeau

Tis a sad day to be a Vikings fan. With a 2-3 record and a matchup against a hurting Packers squad, the Vikings had a shot to get to .500 for the first time this season. Then Brett Favre happened. I said it last week and I’ll say it again, as it rings ever true: live by the Favre, die by the Favre. The Packers won this game 28-24 on the whim of Favre’s gimpy left ankle and the ensuing desperation that spawned from it.

After consecutive three-and-outs for the Vikings offense, Favre and the boys finally got it going, as Favre finally completed some passes. The drive culminated in a Percy Harvin touchdown run. The two offenses performed evenly in the first half, as the Vikings led at halftime 17-14.

The second half is where everything fell apart for Favre. He could not overcome three drive killing interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown. After two touchdowns in one minute, the Vikings had lost their halftime lead and found themselves down 28-17.

The Vikings had one more comeback bid down 28-24, but Favre’s follies proved to be too much in the end, including the final two throws of the game that were intended for Harvin and Randy Moss but were overthrown. Another close one and another letdown.

Some observations from the game:
Adrian Peterson ran like an animal possessed, as usual, gaining 131 yards on 28 carries to go along with a touchdown. He also caught a little dump-off pass for 26 yards on the final drive. He totaled 41 yards receiving. The Packers had no answer for AP and the Vikings could a great job of capitalizing.

Brad Childress never had a place in my heart, but after this game, I think he does; and for all of the wrong reasons. First of all, why, in all that is good in the game of football, did he not challenge Andrew Quarless’ touchdown catch in the back of the end zone in the second quarter? He was clearly out of bounds! That was on third down! They could have been held to a field goal had he challenged the catch! Unbelievable. The score gave the Packers a 14-7 lead, which ended up being crucial.

Secondly, what are you doing running the clock out on the first half with a chance to increase the lead? You have two timeouts to use; AP just ran the ball 14 yards to the Vikings 38 yard line with about 20 seconds left; Moss just caught a bomb downfield, albeit it was called back (still not sure if that little nudge Moss gave warranted offensive pass interference)… So what is the point of running out the clock?!?! 20 more yards and Ryan Longwell could have attempted a field goal. Watching the game, I had my hands spread to the side, wondering what Childress was thinking. Then I see the camera shift to Moss, who is doing the same thing I was. Those were two golden opportunities to improve the Vikings’ chances, but they were wasted.

The secondary was shaky all game long. They gave up 107 yards on just four catches to a third or fourth option in James Jones. Greg Jennings caught his fair share of balls, one for a touchdown. On the other hand, the pick in the end zone at the end of the first half by Madieu Williams that started with a tip by backup corner Frank Walker was huge. Too bad they chose not to get anything going afterwards…

The Vikings defense went sackless. Aaron Rodgers was untouched the whole game. The Packer offensive line did a spectacular job on Jared Allen and Co. After a while, the Vikings lineman just dropped back to play the pass after failing to get to Rodgers. That proved to be successful. Allen got an intreception and two pass deflections utilizing this strategy.

Harvin was huge again. With the right quarterback, he can be explosive. He had 41 rushing yards and a touchdown as well as 65 yards receiving on five catches. He also gained 81 yards on kickoff returns, giving the Vikings good field position on a couple occasions. Moss’ presence continues to have a positive impact on Harvin. The Packers safeties played 15-16 yards back from the line of scrimmage on a number of plays to prevent the deep ball, which opened up the middle of the field. Harvin is making the case for MVP of this team. That is, after Adrian Peterson of course.

Bernard Berrian caught a pass for 30 yards!!! Bernard Berrian caught a pass for 30 yards!!! Bernard Berrian caught a pass for 30 yards!!!

All three of Favre’s picks were costly. The first one where he re-injured his left ankle is understandable because he was getting hit from behind. The hit changed the trajectory of the ball right into the hands of A.J. Hawk. The second one was just awful. As he was about to get hit, he panicked and through it right into the waiting arms of Desmond Bishop. Take the sack and move on to the next play. This was the worst one of them all, as it was returned for a touchdown. The third one came in the fourth quarter after the Vikings stopped Brandon Jackson on fourth inches. Nick Collins simply leaped in front of Harvin to make the airborne pick.

Visanthe Shiancoe’s diving catch in the end zone was ruled a touchdown, then was overturned because he apparently used the ground to catch the ball. The Vikings settled for a field goal. But check this out. This is absolutely awesome. Childress called the vice president of officiating Carl Johnson specifically about the call (among others). He acknowledged the call was a mistake, stating that he was disappointed that the call was reversed. Excellent.

Allow me to rant here for a little bit. I seem to recall this happening before, such as Calvin Johnson’s overturned touchdown catch in their last second defeat in Week 1. How about the Dolphins-Steelers situation this week? What about the other calls on the field of the Vikings and Packers game? What is going on with officiating? It’s a good thing replays have been implemented into today’s game. Half of the calls being made on the field are horrible ones. Something has to be done! The Vikings, based on Quarless’ “touchdown” and Shiancoe’s called back touchdown, should have won this game. And imagine if Harvin’s touchdown catch at the end of the game actually stood, despite clearly having one foot out of bounds? Replays have saved officials in the NFL. Officials in the NFL either need to be fired or get a new pair of glasses. They truly are the worst in the four major sports.

The Vikings had the ball for the final six minutes. Penalties and errant throws doomed their comeback bid. Phil Loadholt’s 15-yard facemask penalty on Shiancoe’s reception in Green Bay territory was killer. Favre put the icing on the cake with the two overthrows, although he did his best to stay on his own two feet. He played pretty much the entire second half on one leg.

I clapped and carried on the loudest I have when watching a football game since the NFC Championship Game after Harvin made that miraculous catch after Favre fell down. If only replay didn’t exist! The Vikings would have won this game!

Regarding all of this backlash from Childress supposedly trowing his quarterback under the bus: that’s bull crap. Childress had every right to do that. He, coupled with the officials, lost the game for them (oh, and don’t leave out coach). You can’t always be Mr. Sunshine when your hall of fame quarterback costs you a winnable game. Childress expressed his frustration, unmasked and unfiltered.

Tarvaris Jackson should start next week against the Patriots. I don’t care what Favre says, he is not playing next week. Childress needs to take a stand and announce the starter immediately. I can’t take this anymore. Favre is ruining my drinking habits (but not really)!

By Josh Delp of the Sports Fan Blog Network

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