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The Red Sox are coming off of one the most turbulent seasons in franchise history. It was shocking to think that a team with as much talent and franchise pride as the Red Sox could lose 93 games and finish last in the AL East, but that is exactly what happened last season. The Bobby Valentine distraction is gone, as is the Kevin Youkilis saga. A healthy Jacoby Ellsbury offers hope, but the Red Sox need a lot to go right to rebound and claim a contentious AL East crown. John Lester and Clay Buchholz need to round back into form and Dustin Pedroia needs to repeat his MVP season. The Red Sox are not nearly as bad as last season, but a close examination of this roster shows that this team just is not as good as Red Sox’s rosters in the past decade and a third place finish should be considered an accomplishment.

Ortiz Strikes Back

David Ortiz is quietly having a very nice season, and can be seen live with Red Sox tickets. After going downhill, Ortiz had a pretty good season last year. And this year, he is back to his all-star form. Not only does he have power with 11 home runs, but he is batting .300. Even though steroids have surrounded his name in the past, it looks like Ortiz is back to prime form. It is time for everyone to take notice.

Beltre is the Best Third Basemen of 2010

There are no newcomers to the top five third basemen list. Although everyone is the same, four out of the five players moved in the standings. Read on to see who the new number one is!

1. Adrian Beltre, Boston Red Sox: Moving up three spots to number one, Beltre is proving to everyone that he can still hit. Beltre is still hitting .333 for the season, the same as early June. I thought by now he would have come back to earth, but he continues to surprise everyone this season. Beltre has the fifth best record in baseball, no one would have guessed he would even be close a .300 average this season because he hasn’t been there in six years! The Red Sox are looking like geniuses for picking Beltre up. Without Beltre the Red Sox wouldn’t even be close to where they are now. The Red Sox are currently in third place six and a half games behind the first place Yankees. The Red Sox are 15 games over .500, but the Rays and Yankees are having such good years that it looks like the Red Sox are doing terrible.
The Red Sox are another team that surprisingly did not make any moves at the trade deadline. The Red Sox still have a shot at least making the playoffs with a wild card berth, but they have to hope the Yankees and Rays start to struggle or they will not make it.

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David Ortiz Has A Good Chance to Win the 2010 Home Run Derby

The 25th annual Homer Run Derby is taking place in Angels Stadium in Anaheim. Last year Prince Fielder took home the derby trophy. This year Fielder will not be back to defend his title. There will be five new derby contestants this year, it is time for a fresh young batch of players to liven things up a bit. Here are my predictions for how everyone will do tonight, starting from least favorite.

3. David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox: Ortiz is back in the home run derby for his fourth time. Ortiz hasn’t played in a derby since 2006, which was his last huge home run season. Ortiz is back this season. He has 18 home runs and is slugging .562. If this were two years ago, Ortiz would not be in the home run derby. By today’s standard’s, post-steroid era, Ortiz is a power hitter once again. Ortiz has more experience over everyone in the derby this year. Ortiz is actually 17 home runs away from having the most home runs in the derby’s combined which is now held by Ken Griffey Jr. I think Ortiz will come close to making it to the finals. Ortiz is a lefty and has the most power out of everyone. Ortiz’s only drawback is his build, Ortiz is so big that if he hits a lot of home runs in one round he will be drained. Ortiz’s only chance of making it to the finals is if he hits most of his home runs in the first round than just ride that into the finals. It will be around 77 degrees at the time of the derby, at least the heat will not be a factor, which will help Ortiz. I’m sticking with my health approach though which makes Ortiz finish in third because there are two guys who have almost just as much power who are in a lot better shape.

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Clay Buchholz Makes #5 of the Best Starting Pitchers of 2010

This year is the first year in a long time that starting pitchers are dominating more than hitters. ERA’s are so low this year for many pitchers, which made it very hard to pick a top five. A lot of people probably know who number one is going to be, but the other four can be anyone’s guess.

5. Clay Buchholz, Boston Red Sox: Buchholz emerged this year for the Red Sox as their top-starting pitcher. Buchholz is helping the Red Sox make a run at the first place and best record in baseball, Yankees. No one would have thought Buchholz would be leading his team in wins and ERA. Buchholz is 10-4 so far this season with a 2.44 ERA. These are remarkable numbers because Buchholz plays in the toughest division in baseball, the AL East. The Red Sox are currently one game behind the Yankees and have the third best record in baseball. If Buchholz continues to pitch the same way for the rest of the season, along with Jon Lester and John Lackey, The Red Sox are going to be very hard to beat. The Red Sox still have to play the Rays and Yankees for 19 more games combined, which means their division is still up in the air.

Click here to read the full article – By Eric Heyer of Sports Fan Blog Network

David Ortiz Makes #3 of the Best Designated Hitters of 2010

There are only nine everyday DH’s in the American League. DH is a position and will not be left out. Out of the nine DH’s, five of them really stand out as premier hitters that are contributing to their team in a big way.

3. David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox: Ortiz isn’t totally back to his former self, but he is getting the job done for the Red Sox this year. The last couple years fans were wondering, what’s wrong with Ortiz? Ortiz used to be a solid .300 hitter with at least 40 home runs since he came over to the Red Sox, but the last couple years Ortiz’s average has fallen to .264 in 2008 and .238 in 2009. This year Ortiz is pretty much doing the same thing, he’s hitting .252 with 16 home runs and 47 RBI’s. There’s still time for Ortiz to raise his average back up to the .300’s, but it could also fall even lower. If the Red Sox ever want to make it to the World Series again, they are going to need Ortiz to do better than his good numbers now, they need more production out of him. With a lackluster offense, the Red Sox are somehow only two games behind the best record in baseball Yankees. The Red Sox either have to get another big bat before the trade deadline or just hope Ortiz can pick his bat speed back up and hit for a better average.

Click here to read the full article – By Eric Heyer of Sports Fan Blog Network

Did Adrian Beltre Take Steroids In 2004?

I took a look back at the year 2004 and discovered many players who were only average players really stepped up their offense that year. Then there are other players who were already good and had a spectacular year in 2004. The players that I came up with that stood out the most in 2004 are a little fishy to me. Is their production up that year by natural talent or was it a product of the steroid era?

Adrian Beltre: Beltre’s numbers really stand out in 2004 compared to the rest of the years he has played. Beltre averaged 20 home runs and 70 RBI’s from 1999-2003. All of a sudden in 2004 Beltre hit 48 home runs and 121 RBI’s. This huge year helped Beltre land a huge contract the next year with the Mariners where he went back to his usual numbers of around 23 home runs and 70 RBI’s from 2005 to 2010.

Click here to read the full article – By Eric Heyer of Sports Fan Blog Network

Adrian Beltre Makes #4 of the Best Third Baseman of 2010

Three out of the five third baseman on this list are having comeback years. One of the players career looked like it was over, one of them hasn’t had a good year since he was in the National League, and the last comeback player had a power outage last year.

4. Adrian Beltre, Boston Red Sox: Beltre has already passed last years season total in home runs with nine and tied his total in RBI’s with 44 RBI’s. Beltre had a terrible season last year and was traded from the Mariners to the Red Sox. Maybe Beltre needed a change of scenery, the Mariners haven’t been a good team for a while, and getting traded to the Red Sox may have motivated Beltre to become his former self once again. The most surprising stat with Beltre is his average, which is .333. Beltre has only hit over .300 once back in 2004 with the Dodgers. Some people may think Beltre was using steroids that year because he hasn’t had stats like that ever since then. Beltre is helping the Red Sox out a great deal this year leading the team in average and RBI’s. Motivation is the key to Beltre’s success.

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Kevin Youkilis Makes #3 of the Best First Baseman of 2010

Four out of the top five (first baseman) come from the American League. There is only one slight surprise on the list, the rest have been mainstays over the past few years. This may be the only position where the top five will remain the top five all season. The number one and two guys should be there all season barring injuries.

3. Kevin Youkilis, Boston Red Sox: Youkilis is on pace to have his best season ever. Every time you turn around this guy is on base. Youkilis’s on base percentage is an insane .453, which is second in all of baseball. Youkilis is hitting .324 with 12 home runs and 40 RBI’s which all lead the team. Youkilis is batting cleanup this year after Victor Martinez and before David Ortiz. The Red Sox three, four, and five may be the best in baseball now that Ortiz is back to his former self. The Red Sox can thank Youkilis for the resurgence of Ortiz because Youkilis is on base so much, which makes other teams want to throw strikes to Ortiz. With Youkilis always on base, the Red Sox have a good chance to score a lot of runs and compete in the tough American League East.

Click here to read the full article – By Eric Heyer of Sports Fan Blog Network