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Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning

Perhaps the greatest quarterback debate of this generation is whether or not Tom Brady is better than Peyton Manning. Although Tom Brady has the rings and the dynasty, Peyton Manning isn’t a huge pussy.

Exhibit A:

Tom Brady Commercial

Not only is saving the earth the least cool thing for a bloodthirsty football player to take part in, look at him. I’m not sure if that’s Tom Brady or Bon Jovi. Not only does he look like a lost European, but his acting skills are on par with Carrot Top. Brady’s only saving grace with this commercial is the giant slab of meat resting on the counter. The only way Brady gets points for this commercial is if that’s fresh WWF panda meat resting on the counter top.

Exhibit B:

Peyton Manning Commercial

Not only is Peyton an exceptional actor, he chooses to do commercials that make him look like the man. While Tom tries to save the earth, Peyton is pillaging it for all of its spoils. Would you rather be saving the Earth from a kitchen remodeled in the 80s, or traveling the world, blowing cash on your MasterCard, driving your Ford and relaxing seaside in a robe?

The jury is out and the evidence is overwhelming. I don’t know who the better quarterback is, but Peyton is definitely the man.

-Zach Superior

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