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New York Mets Fan Blog

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Mets June Outlook


The Mets will be at .500 by June 27th. You heard it here first. Here are a few reasons why:

1-Schedule: Including tonight’s series finale against the Yanks, 18 of the Mets’ last 21 games have come against teams with the best seven winning percentages in baseball, including four of the best five. From here, the next few weeks include six games against Miami, three with the Cubs, three in Philly, and two against the White Sox, all teams currently under .500. As bad as it might look right now, New York is 7-6 since May 16.

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2-Streaks: The Mets have been playing better baseball of late, winning four straight games on the backs of timely pitching and clutch hitting. Matt Harvey has been excellent, and Shaun Marcum and Jeremy Hefner are starting to turn their seasons around. Going 18-10 in their next 28 games would put them right at .500

3-Superstition: Last year, I went to back-to-back Mets games against the Cubs, and Ike Davis was slumping along around the .200 mark. He hit a home run that day, the Mets won 3-1 and from then on his batting average never dipped below .200 again, finishing the year with 32 homers and 90 RBI. I was at Sunday’s game against Atlanta, when Ike was hitting .147. He had the game-winning two-run base hit, and since then has shown signs of turning it around. Coincidence? I think not.

4-Faith: Ya gotta believe.

by Kevin Pulsifer

Sports Fan Blog Network

Our Mets Blog has a new home

Have you heard? Our Mets Blog has a new home. We are excited to officially merge with today. Click here for our new Mets Blog Home Page.

The New York Mets are off to a great start this season. With a few solid wins under their belt they are 5-2 overall, good enough for second place in the AL East. The MLB season is very long and the Mets will need consisitent play from key players to stay atop the AL East. Young pitcher Matt Harvey is pitching well with an ERA of .64 and 2 wins. Lets see if he can keep it up. John Buck is providing tremendous offense with a batting average of .375, 3 home runs, and 12 rbi. With these players stepping up and consitent play form David Wright the team can stay atop the AL East.

Murphy’s Law

The New York Mets are now an unexpected 4-0 to start the season, and Daniel Murphy’s clutch 9th inning walk-off hit to beat the Nats is showing that whatever can go right with the Mets, is going right. The Mets fell behind early, but managed to stage a comeback for Mike Pelfrey, and took advantage of key Washington mistakes (namely a throwing error off a bunt from Tejada in the 9th) to keep the undefeated streak alive. David Wright is off to a smoldering start, the starting pitching has been really good, but the biggest strength of this team through the first 4 games has been their unbeatable bullpen. It’s going to take a lot more than just a 4-0 record for Mets fans to start screaming “You Gotta Believe” again, but as they’ve toppled two division rival foes and sit atop the MLB undefeated, you cannot help but believe just a little bit.

Finally Some Good News For Mets Fans

After a year being sidelined by injury and surgery, Mets’ ace Johan Santana is back! Santana last pitched in a major league game in September of 2010, but he will be the official Opening Day starter in 2012. It was still in doubt whether he would be ready to go, even up to his last Grapefruit League appearance where his velocity topped out at just 86 mph, and reportedly felt achiness thereafter. However, come this Thursday (April 5th), Johan will be thrust back into the thick of things against Tommy Hanson and the Atlanta Braves. The Mets’ starting rotation to start the year will be Johan Santana, R.A. Dickey, Jon Niese, Mike Pelfrey, and Dillon Gee respectively. It may not seem like much, but after weeks and months of plaguing injuries and organizational turmoil, it’s just nice to see things looking up.

God Hates the Mets

I would love to recap the last 5 years as proof, but I think I might cry and then vomit from rehashing all the pain. It’s March, which means spring training; which means the Mets should be preparing to create some kind of excitement about the 2012 season. No, that’s too easy. Instead, the Mets organization will be preparing for court. The U.S. District Court ruled Monday that Fred Wilpon, his family, and businesses and charities associated must pay as much as $83 million to trustees to recover losses from Madoff-Gate. And now will go to trial March 19 for an additional $303 million.

Lol, if that was the only story. The Mets misfortunes continue with news out of spring training that first baseman, Ike Davis may have contracted Valley Fever. You can’t make this stuff up. Davis might have “mono on steroids” as former Diamondback outfielder, Conor Jackson referred to it in 2009 when he had it and missed almost the entire season. However, Ike says he feels fine, and Mets’ doctors report that his blood shows no signs of the fever. I hope they’re right, because past experiences tell me to not trust anything Mets’ doctors say. How do they still have jobs?

With the 2007 collapse, Jose Reyes signing in the division with the Marlins, needing to move the fences in at Citi Field to be more competitive, and everything else…having the Mets suffered enough yet?

Scott Kazmir…The One That Got Away

Scott Kazmir…a name that lives in infamy for most Mets fans has been working out for teams, and one of the teams reportedly considering his services is the New York Mets. Granted, he may not be the same Scott Kazmir the Mets traded away in 2004 for Viktor Zambrano, and then went on to become an all-star in Tampa Bay, but despite his drastic drop off in velocity the last several years, I’d love nothing more than to see Kazmir pitch even one inning in a Mets’ uniform. Maybe just for nostalgia sake. Besides, its not like the 2012 projected Mets starting rotation of Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, John Niese, Dillon Gee, and R.A. Dickey really wows you anyway. If nothing else, the Mets can attempt to make him the new Oliver Perez, a left-handed reliever, but won’t be making $12 million. All I’m saying is, he’s clearly not the same and his career may actually be done, but if he’d accept a base salary or a minor league contract…why not?


As everyone knows by now, K-Rod will have season ending surgery following a fight with his father-in-law. Presumably due to embarrassment the Mets are looking to completely cut ties with the closer.

The Mets are hoping the incident will give them the ability to not only withhold the remaining money owed to him this season, but to also allow them to void the remainder of his contract.

All I can say is wow. Only the Mets, right? It seems the Mets are always in the news for all the wrong reasons. How does one franchise continue to embarrass itself on a regular basis?

Of course, this had to happen during K-Rod’s best stretch in his brief tenure with the Mets. It is the perfect example of the Mets doing all the wrong things on and off the field.

Now we have to hinge our remote playoff hopes on Takahashi’s ability to close games.

This news is tough to hear on its own, but what makes it so painful is it is compounded with everything else the Mets have done since Beltran’s strikeout in game seven of the NLCS in 2006.

Remember that? The playoffs, success, hope.

I think that is the biggest problem for this team. When something goes wrong no fan can look at it as an isolated incident. It is just another thing to tack on to the list. It is why more and more I think the Mets need a complete overhaul at the end of the season. Fire prominent members in the front office and coaching staff and more importantly replace them with people outside of the organization. There should be no trace of 2007 on this team, with the only exceptions Jose Reyes and David Wright.

It is time for a new look for this franchise.

Wright Remains as the Third Best Third Basemen of 2010

There are no newcomers to the top five third basemen list. Although everyone is the same, four out of the five players moved in the standings. Read on to see who the new number one is!

3. David Wright, New York Mets: Wright is the only player on the list to remain in the same spot since early June. Wright’s consistent offense this season is helping the Mets stay in the hunt for October. Wright is hitting .305, with 17 home runs and 77 RBI’s. Wright’s numbers have pretty much stayed at the same pace since early June, his average only dropped two points and he added five more home runs and 27 more RBI’s. Wright already surpassed his abysmal numbers from last season when he only hit 10 home runs and 72 RBI’s. Saying all of that the Mets are only one game above .500 this season and are tied for third place in the division six and a half games behind the first place Braves. With the trade deadline passing two days ago, the Mets didn’t make even one move! Wright is having a great year, but he cant do it alone. The Mets just gave up on their season by not making any moves to improve a mediocre team. If they do somehow make the playoffs, the Mets will have to pull off another miracle.

Click here to read the full article – By Eric Heyer of Sports Fan Blog Network

Front Office Messages

I was looking at Metsblog today and ran across this quote from Jayson Starks: “The Mets have backed off their shopping plans after their disastrous road trip…” So do the Mets believe that their current slide has them out of the race?

I’m happy with the result. There are no players on the market that warrant top prospects in return. But management doesn’t seem to have the same reason for dropping out. From that quote I get the feeling the Mets think they are too far out of the race.

What bothers me is not what the Mets are doing but how they think. If earlier in the season they thought making a trade could make them a playoff team, why aren’t they making the trade? Why are they waiting till the team is out of the race? Last season they did the same thing. I understand you don’t want to give up prospects, but that is half the reason you have them. It would be nice to develop every player in your system, but that is not realistic or smart. Not every prospect turns into a top player,

Minaya seems to be too scared to make a move and looks for any excuse not to. He seems to be haunted by the Scott Kazmir trade more than Steve Phillips is. I’m, sorry. Right now it worked out, but I don’t want a GM that seems to be incapable of making a deadline deal. Contending teams make them all the time, look at the Phillies and the Cliff Lee trade last season.

Another thing: the Mets don’t want to change their coaching staff because they believe they can win with these guys…but they don’t want to make a trade because they don’t think they’re in the race?

I am ok with not acquiring a player, I just don’t like the mindset management has. Honestly it is more fuel to the fire that if the Mets can’t turn things around and make the playoffs it is time to clean house. Met fans are tired of the same show and the same results. The only way people are going to start believing again is if the stench from the 2007 collapse is finally removed. That starts with management and hopefully will trickle down to the field.


The slump has lasted longer than anyone wanted or expected it to. With the 2-9 record, rumblings have started concerning the job security of Jerry Manuel and other members of the coaching staff. The Mets have recently addressed those concerns and have said the coaches are safe for now. Is that the smart move, or is it now time to start panicking.

I still believe the Mets are going so snap out of this slump. It is ridiculous to believe that they will continue to hit .190 the rest of the season. Still there is the fear that by the time the Mets figure it out, they’ll be too far out of a playoff spot for it to make a difference.

Unfortunately there are no difference makers on the trade market. It seems like the Mets targets are an eight-inning guy and a reliable starter. I really doubt with the players on the market, that either addition will guarantee them a playoff spot.

Alright well what about a coaching change? I don’t think that is a great option either. The last time the Mets fired a manager mid-season it was to promote Manuel, and now there are questions about him. The team did perform better under him than under Willie Randolph, but that was due to poor chemistry with Randolph than top-notch managing from Manuel. The players did not like Willie Randolph, and switching to Manuel helped make the players happy. The players still like Manuel, bringing in a new manager won’t help much.

Perhaps firing the batting coach? That is probably the best course of action. Not that Howard Johnson has done a bad job, but sometimes the players need a different voice to get out of a slump. The Mets best option would be to promote Lamar Johnson, their minor league hitting coach, someone I don’t see as an upgrade over Johnson. If the Mets continue to struggle at home, fine I can see a move being made out of panic to get back in the race, and it could work, but please don’t extend the guy.

If the Mets miss the playoffs, the best move would be to clean house. Management has had a lot of time and financial backing to make a consistent and dominant team. It is possible Joe Torre, Tony La Russa, and Bobby Valentine will be available to take over as manager at the end of the season. The opportunity to land one of those guys is too big to pass up. Manuel has done wonders for motivating his players, but he handles in-game situations poorly. Cleaning house makes the team more appealing. These new managers will have the opportunity to bring in a GM of their choice and hire the assistant coaches of their choice.

If they replace these guys mid-season, I fear the team will make the same mistake of extending the interim manager if they simply compete down the stretch. Unless they think the team will do better under someone else, it is better to replace the guy after the season to have more options open to them. No more stop-gaps, we need a good manager and GM to lead this core to the playoffs again.

If they can go on an incredible run and make the playoffs, then fine I was wrong. But if not, it has been too many years of the same results and it is time for a change. Just wait till the end of the season to make the move, as very little good can come of it mid-season, and at the very least, let’s give these guys the chance to prove us wrong.

by Evan Slavit at the Sports Fan Blog Network