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New York Jets Fan Blog

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Hillard Down for the Count!!!

Jets fullback Lex Hilliard is done for the year and will have surgery on a broken shoulder bone. Hilliard suffered the injury on a run play during Tuesday’s practice and had to be helped off by team doctors. Hilliard had been fighting for the first string job with rookie Tommy Bohanon however it appeared Bohanon had the upper hand Hilliard’s demise.

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New York Jets Draft

The Jets are coming off a quite embarrassing season. Lets be real for a second Sanchez is still number 1 worst of the worst on ESPN. Like c’mon what are the jets doing. They haven’t made an AFC Championship in 2 years.

The Jets have two first found picks in the first round pick 9 and pick 13, in the second round they have pick 7, in the the third round they have the 10th pick, in the fourth they have the 9th pick, in the fifth they have the 8th pick, in the sixth round they have the 10th pick and in the seventh they have the 9th pick. With these picks they can really change up there team and become a stronger more effective unit. This draft can really do glory of the New York Jets.

This isn’t any ordinary season for the Jets, their roster is just a mess, bad contracts in key positions and more holes than any other team in the league id like to say. The Jets have so many holes on their roster that they can do anything in terms of which positions needs to be addressed. Its almost limitless, you cant name a position that is solid and doesn’t need to be looked at under a close microscope. The coming up draft has enough depth and talent for the jets to be able to pick up some key starters. The jets have a chance to pick up players through the middle rounds, and also need to be able to take advantage at times when the draft doesn’t have as much depth.

Sixth-round: Pick 10
Seventh-round: Pick 9

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Our Jets Blog has a new home

Our humble Jets blog has a new home. We are excited to officially merge with today. Click here for our new Jets Blog Home Page.

Now lets talk Jets.. I am still wondering what the Jets plans are in 2013. I hope the draft clears it all up. I really can’t see Tebow still being on the team after the disaster in 2012. Sanchez could bounce back this year if they surround him with some top flight wide receivers and running backs. I think the Jets lacked a coherent strategy for the past two years and am really interested to see if the new GM, Idzik can change that. I guess we all just have to see how it goes.

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What are the Jets doing?

Good question for all of you sports fans in regards to the chances that the Jets make the playoffs this year.

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The Jets are one of the ugliest teams in the league, but are somehow 3-3. Greene had the best game of his career to date, and could be the best game he ever gets at all. They are down, but certainly not out.

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The Jets were 8-8 last year and will go 9-7 this year. But the question is, will that give them a playoff spot?

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Why The Jets Will Be Better Then The Giants

The Giants are coming off their second Super Bowl win in the last five years. The core of their young team is almost exactly the same. Eli Manning has only gotten better every year since his first Super Bowl MVP in 2008. The Jets are coming off a disappointing 8-8 year. Their biggest off season pick up was a back up quarterback who may spend more time on the back page of the New York Post then in the endzone. Despite all this, the Jets will have a better record then the Giants come years end.

Two years ago the Jets were one of the most feared defensive teams in the league finishing 3rd best in points allowed. Last year, despite not losing much in terms of players, they fell to 13th. Rex Ryan is back to calling the defense this year and that should help regain their 2010 form.

The real reason behind this prediction is the schedule of the two New York teams. The Giants have (arguably) the hardest schedule in the NFL while the Jets sport one of the easiest. The Giants get to play just five teams that finished under .500 last year, while also playing seven games against teams that made the playoffs. On the other hand, the Jets get to play eight games against teams below .500 and just five games against playoff teams. The Jets finished just one game behind the Giants last year and the two team’s schedules should be enough for the Jets to gain at least one if not two games.

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10 AFC East Bold Predictions 2012

The 2012 NFL Draft is just a about a week away, and it’s getting me pumped for football season to return. As the draft creeps upon us, and the official NFL teams’ schedules get released tonight I thought I’d take a peak in my crystal ball and make some interesting predictions for this season within the AFC East.

1- The Miami Dolphins will have less wins than the Indianapolis Colts
2- Mark Sanchez will have a career year (not saying much) and be selected to his 1st Pro Bowl
3- Mario Williams will finish the season with no more than 5 sacks for the Bills
4- Jets new “Swiss Army Knife” offense with Sanchez and Tebow will be a failure, and the Jets will trade Tim Tebow mid-season for draft pick
5- Tom Brady will have serious injury costing him much of the 2012 season…Tebow won’t pray for him
6- New England Patriots WILL NOT make the playoffs
7- Bills will lead the division by Week 5, then falter and finish 3rd in the division
8- Antonio Cromartie will inpregnate another woman for his 11th child (must have a latex allergy)… hopefully won’t be an episode on “16 and Pregnant”
9- Dolphins will draft Ryan Tannehill, who will be this year’s Christian Ponder
10- Bill Belichik will kiss Rex Ryan’s ring (probably a Ring Pop)

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T-E-B-O-W to the J-E-T-S

The New York area had been enjoying a warm and quiet Wednesday in March when suddenly gale force winds of Tebow-Mania swept across the country. Just one day after Peyton-Palooza ended with Manning officially signing in Denver, Tim Tebow has been traded to Gang Green for 4th and 6th round picks in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Jets were one of at least 4 reported teams with some interest in Tebow, along with the Dolphins, Packers, and Jaguars. It is no question now with Tony Sparano as the new Jets offensive coordinator that the Jets’ interest had been piqued at the potential for an infusion of the Wildcat style offense Sparano made famous only a couple of seasons ago in Miami. It is curious how Jets quarteback incumbant Mark Sanchez will take this signing after weeks of Jets involvement in Peyton-Palooza, and furthermore, his head-scratching 3-year extension, but the Jets needed a player who could push Sanchez to the next level. Many will argue that statistically Tebow is not the guy to do that, but I’m not so skeptical. If Sanchez struggles during the season, what is to stop New York fans rom making Sanchez this year’s Kyle Orton. Well, it’s going to be interesting to see how Tebow and Sanchez share the field, but it’s going to be fun see to Tebow-Mania and Lin-sanity share the media spotlight.

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Pouha Inks Long-Term with Jets

The New York Jets have had their name swirling in connection with Peyton Palooza, but they locked up priority number one, defensive tackle Sione Pouha to a 3-year deal. The Jets decided to forgo slapping the Franchise Tag on Pouha last week, and after contract restructuring from Ferguson, and the highly scrutinized contract extension to Mark Sanchez just days ago, they cleared enough space for their defensive line captain. The captainship and his positive locker room presence undoubtedly were factored into his value to the team. At age 33, the contract might be a little risky, but since he only made it to the NFL at 26, he doesn’t have as much wear and tear as other interior lineman would. It was important to bring Pouha back because although he isn’t a dynamic pass rusher, he is highly regarded as one of the best run stuffing DTs in the game. More importantly, Kendrick Ellis (Jets 3rd round Draft selection last year) is not ready to step into a starting role after playing in just 5 games last year with little impact. You cannot put a price tag on continuity and stability.

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