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Strasburg: Next Nolan Ryan or Next Hideki Irabu?

Strasburg picked up another win against the Cleveland Indians Sunday afternoon. Strasburg’s first start against the Pirates was very impressive, but it was just the Pirates. The same can be said again yesterday, Strasburg wasn’t as sharp as his first start only go five and one thirds innings against the lowly Indians.
Strasburg picked up eight strikeouts, but unlike his first start he didn’t have command walking five people, which is why he only lasted a little over five innings. Although Strasburg walked so many batters, he only let up one run which isn’t bad.
The question is will Strasburg fade out of existence after a few years when his arm falls off from throwing over 100 mph consistently? How can anyone maintain throwing that fast over a whole career? The only person that I can remember that did it was Nolan Ryan. Most of the pitchers that throw that fast get either injured and come back throwing a lot slower or their arm dies and their careers are over.
It will be interesting to see how Strasburg does throughout the rest of the season. The next two starts for Strasburg will be against two more losing record teams in the White Sox and the Orioles. Strasburg’s first real competition will come when the Nationals face the Braves at the end of the month.
So far Strasburg is the real deal, but it has only been two games, he can always turn out to be another Hideki Irabu.

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2 comments to Strasburg: Next Nolan Ryan or Next Hideki Irabu?

  • Rob Caposiena

    Strasburg will become one of the best pitchers in the league. He has a chance of becoming the next Nolan Ryan.

  • Rich N

    I think Strasburg will continue to do well. He surprised many including me with his strong outing thus far. I do not want to fully hop on the Strasburg bandwagon but the kid definitely has mine and a lot of other’s attention.

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