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Detroit Will Not Get Out of the Cellar in 2010

The NFC North is all about Brett Favre. If Favre plays this season for the Vikings, It will be a tough race between the Vikings and Packers. Do the Bears and Lions have a better team then last season? Maybe they will compete for a wild card spot… read on to find out.

4. Detroit Lions: The Lions are known to be the worst team in football ever since Barry Sanders after the 1998 season. The Lions had a very successful decade in the 90’s, making the playoffs six out of the 10 years, thanks a lot to the help of Barry Sanders. What will it take to make this team good once again? They have a young potential star quarterback in Matthew Stafford, a very good running back in Kevin Smith, probably the best wide receiver in the game in Calvin Johnson and they have a new tight end in Tony Scheffler. All these players are top of the line, but, their defense is still terrible. Everyone knows that defense is important to having a successful team in the NFL and the Lions still have a long ways to go in that department. They did draft Ndamukong Suh to help their defense out, but other than him the Lions defense still has a lot of holes. The Lions may be a little better due to the addition of Scheffler and Suh, but they will still let up a ton of points. The Lions may outscore a few teams, but not many. The Lions will improve by one win this season with a 3-13 record. At least they are improving every year, just very slowly.

Click here to read the full article – By Eric Heyer of Sports Fan Blog Network

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4 comments to Detroit Will Not Get Out of the Cellar in 2010

  • larry

    Hello this is my first blog. I threw down the newspaper back in the 70s when I read that the owner wants to stay below the crust. I do not have a home team, because William Clay Ford will not do what needs to be done to win a super bowl. We will not see a super bowl during our lifetime in this town. We control the game! We need to stop buying tickets, stop watching games, and stop talking about the Lions. We need to start a movement that will force WCF to sell the team. He is bad for the NFL and we need to find someone to buy the team. His son is no different. 53 years is enough. I don’t blame the players, you get what you pay for. Hows the franchise doing on Wall street? If people like WCF so much then send him a charity check and forget football. When you buy something and it don’t work you get your money back. WCF owes us 53 years of ticket sales. Larry

  • Larry

    We need to have a protest bond fire. Bring Lions gear and throw in on a big bond fire. We can invite TV 2,4,7,9,raido stations and it will get on national sport channels.

    Stop playing monday quarterback, stop talking about the draft, TAKE ACTION! Larry

  • Larry

    William Clay Ford sell the frachise or take it and get out of Detroit.

    No more lies. Larry

  • Larry

    Bring back the Michigan Panthers! Join the N.F.L. Larry

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