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5 Gifts Any Philadelphia Eagles Fan Would Love

Here are 5 gift ideas that any Philadelphia Eagles fan would love:

1. Hat

Everyone loves a hat…especially when they’re favorite team’s logo is on it!  Also available in beanies and other styles.

2. Sweatshirt

Give the gift of warmth to your favorite Philadelphia Eagles fan!  Also available in other styles.

3. License Plate Holder

With a Philadelphia Eagles license plate holder, Eagles fans can drive around showing off their team pride.  Also available in other styles.

4. Scoreboard Clock

There is no cooler clock than a scoreboard clock.  Any Philadelphia Eagles fan would love to have this hanging in their room.

5. Autographed Memorabilia

Autographed memorabilia allows any Eagles fan to feel like they own a piece of the Eagles.  Mini/full sized helmets and jerseys also available signed.  Tons of different players available.

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2013 NFL Draft Preview

With the fourth pick in the 2013 Draft the Philadelphia Eagles select….

Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan.

Click here to view our full NFL Mock Draft for further analysis.

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Our Eagles Blog has a new home

Our Eagles Blog Page has a new home! We are excited to officially merge with today. Click here for our new Eagles Blog Home Page.

The Eagles roster seemed to be Super Bowl ready at the beginning of the 2012 season but finished the year 4-12, leading to a lot of off-season changes. Andy Reid out, Chip Kelly in. I am excited to see the Eagles offense next season with Chip Kelly manning the ship. If the offense mirrors that which Chip Kelly ran at Oregon the Eagles will be very exciting to watch next season. Michael Vick restructered his deal and will remain on the team along with receivers Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. If the Eagles can handle their offensive line issues and the offense can come together under Chip Kelly, I see them making a run at the playoffs next season.

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The Eagles are now 3-3. Five of their games have come down to the wire. Michael Vick constantly turning it over is not helping. It could be time to replace both the quarterback, as well as the coach.

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The Eagles were 8-8 last year and will go 9-7 this year. With a full training camp, they should be improved from the early start.

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Eagles Stagger

The Philadelphia Eagles stumbled on the way to the playoffs last night as they were defeated by the Minnesota Vikings 24-14. While the Vikings knew they were playing for pride, the Eagles were playing for a higher playoff seed. Jump on those Super Bowl XLV odds in the sportsbook as soon as possible! Because so many teams are still alive to make the NFL Playoffs this season, there’s never been a better time to get in on Super Bowl betting action than today! Go for money by wagering on the Super Bowl! The young scrappy Vikings defensive caused confusing for the Eagles and held them the second lowest points total all season. Michael Vick was fortunate to only throw one interception all game because the Vikings had multiple opportunities but did not take advantage of them.

With only one week left before the end of the NFL regular season, Superbowl predictions appear to be flying everywhere! Log onto the sportsbook and back up your Super Bowl predictions with Super bowl bets on the teams you believe will get into the big game! Great odds are still available on a number of Super Bowl contenders! The Eagles play their final season game against divisional foe, the Dallas Cowboys. The highest the Eagles can finish in the playoff picture would be the third seed. Potential opponents for the Eagles would be the Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons or Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The NFC still has a lot of scenarios for the playoffs and only time will tell how everything will line up in two weeks.

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Return to Philadelphia

Every Eagles fan knows where they were and what they were doing last Easter when they heard their franchise quarterback had been traded. The rumors were swirling that the Eagles were listening to offers for McNabb but none seemed very heated. Teams like the Rams, Raiders, Bills all inquiried in the six time Pro Bowler, but McNabb was not interested and the Eagles agreed to send him to a team that had a chance at winning. Let’s face it, none of those teams have come close to even being competitive and it was hard enough for Donovan to win a Super Bowl in Philly.

But no one expected to see Donovan shipped to a divisional foe on Easter Sunday. The Redskins gave the Eagles an offer to good to pass on and they pulled the plug on it. It was official. Donovan McNabb traded to the Redskins. The Eagles did the unthinkable and parted ways with the best quarterback in the history of the organization. Nobody thought they would see the day when the marriage of Reid and McNabb would divorce after 11 years.

So after months of anticipation, the day has finally come. And my how fast it went. McNabb will return to Philadelphia this Sunday as the opposing quarterback. When he arrives at the stadium, he will head towards the visiting teams locker room. A path he is not very familiar with, but I think his teammates will point him in the right direction if he gets lost. But everyone will remember the path McNabb had as Eagles quarterback. For 11 seasons, it was filled with heartbreak and triumph. Year in and year out, the question was: Will this be the year when Donovan grabs the bull by the horns and the Eagles win the Super Bowl? Will Donovan take that next step and cement himself as an elite quarterback? Can he win it when the game’s on the line in the fourth quarter? And each year ended with the same outcome and the same feeling of nausea.

It will be all about Donovan McNabb and how well he plays on Sunday. He has started off strong but the same issues still linger even though he is wearing a different uniform. McNabb has said, that, for him, this is just another game against another team. Deep down, though, Donovan would want nothing more than to stick it to the Eagles. It will be his way of saying you made a mistake by trading me because we know he would never dare say those words publicly. But then again Donovan is never one to shy away from speaking his mind.

The city of brotherly love invites one of its most famous sports figures back to where it all began. And the whole world will be watching.

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The Michael Vick Show

Maybe Andy Reid was right on this one. Last week, I displayed my frustration with Reid for selecting Michael Vick as the Eagles quarterback against Jacksonville. I thought it was unfair to bench a quarterback, whom you anointed as the savior, and had every intention of playing him this year despite some hiccups along the way, after one half of football that wasn’t entirely his fault. There have been many times where coaches juggle quarterbacks because they’re under intense pressure from their respective organizations to win now. That kind of philosophy doesn’t translate into wins. It provides constant headaches, not just for the coaches, but the players especially, because they know neither quarterback has any chance of winning a close ballgame should it come down to that. It provides a huge distraction and takes away from focusing solely on your next opponent.

And that’s not what the Eagles needed right now. They did not need that distraction. This is a talented, young football team who can compete with the better teams in this league. If you’re indecisive about who is your quarterback, all the potential for this season will fall like a stack of dominoes.

So Reid decides to go with the hot hand and stick with Vick. He made it very clear that this is not just an experiment. This is the way it will be all season and I have to commend him for that. And I have to commend Michael Vick. Without question, Vick has grown up, both on and off the field since his incarceration. No one could have expected that Vick would progress this quickly as a quarterback. Yesterday’s win against the Jaguars was a good indication. There was only one time where Vick pulled the ball down and took off running- a 17 yard run that he scampered up the middle for a touchdown.

Behind the scenes, it’s obvious that Vick has committed himself to become a quarterback and not just an athlete playing quarterback. He has proven all the naysayers wrong who questioned if he can learn how to play the position correctly. From where I was sitting yesterday, Vick showcased that he has done just that, and done it ever so quietly.

The truth is by becoming a quarterback Vick has only enhanced his dangerousness. In Atlanta, teams knew that if you can contain him, he will not be able to beat you with his arm because he could not read defenses, and if he feels the slightest pressure, will take off and try to make the play on his own. But now, you have a quarterback who understands coverages, is accurate on his throws, makes the throws under pressure and seems to know exactly where he wants to go with the football. Besides all that sweet stuff, he has found his speed, and those gazelle-like legs look faster, now, than when he was in Atlanta.

Vick said so himself that he has realized it’s a lot easier to score by throwing the football rather then running. He has other athletes around him they can make the big plays and does not have to do so himself. The Eagles are 2-1 and sit in first place in the division. With Michael Vick as your quarterback, the Eagles are that much better. And Andy Reid realizes that. Reid hasn’t made too many good calls in his tenure as Eagles coach, but, this time, he got the right call.

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Indeed, a controversy

Apparently, Andy Reid has seen enough of Kevin Kolb. Reid announced Tuesday that Michael Vick will get the start this Sunday in Jacksonville a day after he said Kolb was the Eagles starter. It continues to blow my mind as to what goes on inside this man’s head. In his press conference yesterday, I was hoping to hear a better explanation as to why he decided to go with Vick. When I first heard the news, two thoughts immediately ran through my head: the first one was, what? did I really just hear what I think heard? And the second, you have got to be kidding me, Andy. I assumed that Kolb may have had a setback in his recovery. There’s no way that was possible because he was cleared to play. And then Reid said it. The explanation, “Michael Vick is playing out of his mind right now.” Another one I enjoyed was, “it’s a beautiful thing having two good quarterbacks.” And that’s when I took the remote, scratch my head a few times and changed the channel to something I could enjoy. No, it’s not a beautiful thing, Andy. This is a sloppy mess.

This season was supposed to be about developing Kevin Kolb and letting him play this season. Yes, we were going to go through our aches and pains. We all knew that. Even Peyton Manning went through them. You traded the best quarterback in franchise history because you felt Kolb was better suited to run this offense. Well how can you determine, after one half, in the first game, that Kolb is not the guy? Nothing went well for the Eagles in that game including Reid’s playcalling, which seems to be a recurring theme year in and year out. The only bright spot was, in fact, Michael Vick. Give credit to Vick. He brought the Eagles back in that game and nearly pulled off an upset. I’m sure the Eagles are better suited with Vick as the starter. But, for me, this is not right. Not for a guy who has waited patiently the last three years to get his shot. He had his shot, and, within two weeks, has found himself in that same spot, carved with his name the last three years. That spot is now reserved for Mike Kafka.

Kolb is now stuck in a rabbit hole that will not be easy to escape. His coach has basically said to him that I do not believe you can get the job done as my quarterback. Did Andy forget that Kolb threw for over 300 yards in his first two starts as the Eagles quarterback? How do we know we won’t see that again? The only way to find out is to play Kolb. Let him play and become the quarterback you envisioned.

Look at Mark Sanchez. Look at the progression he had as a quarterback because his coaches believed he was the guy. The Jets dealt with their growing pains in the middle of last season with him on the field. But look where they ended up at season’s end. Granted they lost that game to the Colts but Sanchez proved that he was their guy. And that’s what Reid must do with Kolb. He has to give him an opportunity to play. It’s not doing either of them any favors.

The only time-out Andy is using is on Kolb. Well, I guess it’s good to see that he’s finally putting them to use.

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Flying With Broken Wings?

The mood in Philly is somber. For the first time in quite some time, the Eagles are not ensured a playoff spot. For the first time in quite some time, the Eagles do not have a Pro Bowl quarterback leading them, at least not yet. And for the first time in a long time, the Eagles’ rushing attack will balance out their passing game. Okay, I was lying about that last one. Did you really think Andy Reid would ever do that?

With Donovan McNabb bolting for the rival Redskins, the Eagles are left with an upstart young gun in Kevin Kolb and the misunderstood Michael Vick. Personally I think Vick should be leading these Eagles, but I’m not the brilliant coach Reid.

Now that Brian Westbrook is gone, the impressive LeSean McCoy will get the bulk of the carries. The Eagles have the receiving talent in Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, and others. It’s now up to Kolb to get the ball to them. Personally, I think people have read too much into his pair of 300-yard passing games last year. The good thing about sports is there is always the chance to prove people wrong.

The dirty birds could drop to last place in the division this year. It all rests on the shoulders of Kolb. I’m going to say they will finish 9-7, good enough for third in the division.

By Josh Delp of the Sports Fan Blog Network

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