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Denver Broncos Fan Blog


Bronco Fan Holiday Gift Ideas

1. iPhone Cases

<img src= <img src=

Give a Bronco’s fan that special decoration that will allow them to show off their blue and orange pride every time they use their phone! Comes in iPhone 4, 4s, and 5!

2. Signed Mini Helmets

Every Bronco’s fan would love to have their own collection of signed mini helmets by their favorite players including Peyton Manning, Eric Decker, Demairyus Thomas, Von Miller, and many more!

3.  Gloves

Every Colorado native is going to need a pair of gloves this winter season.  Why not give them a pair with their favorite teams logo on it?

4. Fatheads

Bring a Broncos fan their favorite player!  Fatheads go right on somebody’s wall and are about as realistic as they can get.  Comes in Peyton Manning, Von Miller, Shannon Sharpe and many others!

5. Clocks

It can always be Broncos time when you give someone a Broncos themed clock!

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Ronnie Hillman Benched for Washington Game

According to ESPN, Ronnie Hillman will be benched this Sunday against the Washington Redskins as punishment for fumbling.

Last Sunday, Hillman fumbled on a crucial play inside the Colt’s 5 yard line with 3:03 left. The Denver Broncos were down by 9 at this point and had to settle for a field goal. The Colts ended up victorious 39-33.

Rookie C.J. Anderson will replace him. Anderson has been inactive all season after making the roster as an undrafted free agent. He will make his professional debut on Sunday.

When asked about the benching, John Fox said: “If you follow the game and look around the league, most of your top backs have two or three fumbles. It’s not anything you like; it’s not anything we’re happy about. I’m sure if you ask him, he’d probably reply the same. But it’s no different than I feel comfortable having (wide receiver) Andre Caldwell be out there catching the ball. Hillman is part of our running back corps — he actually had some very nice runs in the game.’’

Knowshon Moreno was benched almost all season last year as punishment for too many fumbles; but since his return near the end of the season has played phenomenally. He currently leads the league in rushing touchdowns. I don’t, however, believe that will be the case with Ronnie Hillman. Although he has shown potential, he has yet to do anything to do me that points to greatness. I predict he will be released either at the end of this season or the next. If he learns how to hold on to the ball better, he definitely can be of use to any team he is on.

The Denver Broncos play the Washington Redskins at home Sunday at 1:25 Pacific Time.

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Jacksonville @ Broncos Preview

I can’t think of another game that had two teams playing each other who were so unevenly matched. That is probably why the odds makers have given the Denver Broncos a 26.5 point spread…aka the biggest sports spread ever.

The Broncos will come out of the gate strong and will completely dominate the entire game. I’m expecting Peyton Manning to spread the love with all his receivers and I think Wes Welker with definitely have a big game. I’m suspecting (and hoping for the sake of my fantasy team) that he has a multiple touchdown game.

With Chad Henne in as the quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, I do believe they will score up to maybe three touchdowns because Denver is the 25th ranked defense and Jacksonville does have some weapons with Justin Blackmon and Cecil Shorts receiving and Maurice Jones Drew with the rush. No matter how many points Jacksonville scores, however, Denver will score three times that amount.

I predict the final score to be 51-24 with Denver winning. It probably could be higher except for the fact that Denver will probably pull its starters half-way through the game.

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3 Things I Learned From This Week’s Game: 10/06/13

1. The Denver defense is even more pitiful than I thought they were.

2. Eric Decker will never be able to become an elite player until he learns to stop dropping so many balls.

3. Knowshon Moreno should get more credit for his stature as a running back.

Just like I predicted, Denver’s offense had zero problems while it was their defense that almost cost them the game. I knew Denver’s defense wasn’t that great but I had no idea they were this awful….probably because Denver had yet to play a “good” team. The Cowboys are definitely no joke, but a Super Bowl contending team should not be allowing 48 points in any games. The fact that it took Romo being Romo with a late interception to win the game is not what I like to be seeing.

Denver’s offense again proved they are the best in the league. I would even dare to say they are the best in the league by a large margin. Julius Thomas is definitely Peyton Manning’s favorite and I think he will see the most catches in games like today’s.

I believe all 3 of Denver’s wide receivers have the argument or potential to become elite. Wes Welker has proven this for a couple of years now and continues to be having one of his best seasons ever this year. Demairyus Thomas had a couple phenomenal catches and is one of the best yards after catch runners in the league. Eric Decker has definitely proven himself; however he is definitely the biggest question mark of the group. He fumbled a ball early in the first quarter that could have very easily cost them the game. He has done this on many occasions and if he ever wants to make the elite status he’s going to need to learn how to make those big plays and not lose the ball.

It astonishes me how far Knowshon Moreno has come. It wasn’t too long ago that he was benched for 8 weeks because of his inability to handle the football. Since being renamed the starter due to Willis McGahee’s injury near the end of last season, Moreno has proven he deserves to be a starting running back. His ability to push for extra yards against the defense is something is very vital to making first downs. He also doesn’t have a single fumble this season and fixed the way he holds the ball. I definitely he is going to become a force to be reckoned with.

The Broncos remain undefeated with a 5-0 record. Next week the Broncos take on the Jaguars….do I even need to finish this sentence.

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Broncos @ Dallas Preview

The Denver Broncos look to continue their winning streak to 5 today with a win against the Dallas Cowboys. The Denver offense currently ranks #1 in the league. Peyton Manning is also leading the league in TD passes, completions, yards, passer rating, and QBR.

There has been a lot of trash talking coming from both sides. Tony Romo started it when he started talking about the Denver’s defense and their extra use of their hands.

Per USA Today:
“They grab, they hold, they’ve almost put a lot of pressure on the refs – whether or not they’re going to call the game close or not,” Romo said on a conference call with reporters in Denver. “If they get called once or twice, that’s a good thing. But they’re all over guys as far as using the little tricks, I guess you could say, that good linebackers and good secondaries use when they’re playing man coverage.”

Denver has chosen not to respond to his accusations and instead seem to want to shut him up with their play on the field.

The main challenge for the Broncos this weekend will be whether or not their 16th ranked defense can stop the hot due that is Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. Over the last three weeks they have come together for 260 yards and 4 TDs.

Despite being Denver’s hardest game thus far, I predict they will still win 41-31.

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Who’s More Awesome…Peyton Manning Or The Recievers?

Peyton Manning is unstoppable. Is there anyone that would actually question the greatness being done in Mile High City right now? Of course not, that’d be stupid.

Peyton Manning is currently on track to end the regular season with 5,580 yards and 64 TDs and currently has a QBR of 138. Many people considered last year as his best ever; he ended that season with 4,659 yards and 37 TDs.

Comparing stats, Peyton Manning is blowing every other QB away; this includes his fellow eliters Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers who both have a combined 18 TDs (only 2 less than Manning himself) and have QBR well below his with 103.8 and 105.1. Is Peyton Manning really just so much better than every one else this year or does he perhaps have a higher edge that the others don’t?

That edge might have to do with Wes Welker, Demariyus Thomas, and Eric Decker. I challenge anyone to find a team with a better threesome of wide receivers. All three of them are currently in the top 30 players for receiving yards (Decker and Thomas are both in the top 10), Welker and Thomas are in the top 5 for TDs with a combined 10, and all three together have only missed a combined 30 passes when targeted.

The ability to get open and catch passes like that is something every team wants in their receivers. How frustrating must Tom Brady feel with so few major weapons to throw to? There’s nothing more important for a quarterbacks success than wide receivers who can play.

No other team even 2 different wide receivers in most top 20 lists for any stat. If Peyton Manning were to get traded with Matthew Stafford or Christian Ponder would he still have the types of stats he’s been having? Or would another quarterback in his shoes be able to produce his current stats with the type of offense he’s been given.

Look at Tom Brady; despite their lost-less record his stats are nothing compared what they usually are at this point because of the lack of weapons currently on the Patriots offense. What if he was the Broncos quarterback? Would he be having his “best season ever”…I think yes. If Peyton Manning was currently the Patriots quarterback would be have the same stats he has now?…I think not.

So the question is this: is Peyton Manning making his players look good or are they making him look good? I do believe Peyton Manning is currently the best quarterback in the NFL because he has the ability to turn average players into stars. I do, however, also believe the wide receivers should be getting a lot of credit and all three definitely belong in this years Pro-Bowl.

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Our Broncos Blog has a new home

Our Denver Broncos blog has a new home. We are excited to officially merge with today. Click here for our new Broncos Blog Home Page.

The Broncos enter the 2013 season as the favorite of many to win the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker were a lethal combination in the passing game last season and the addition of Wes Welker could make their ariel assault almost unstoppable this season. Losing Elvis Dumervil will hurt their defense, but adding Louis Vasquez could be key to keeping Manning upright to connect with his plethora of targets. The Broncos have a Super Bowl offense, but it is up to Von Miller and company to ensure that the Broncos defense plays well enough for the Broncos to end their season at Met Life Stadium in The Super Bowl.

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Stokley Involved

The Broncos need to draw up more players for Stokley. He enjoyed a 1,000 yard season when on the Colts with Peyton Manning. With Thomas and Decker, Stokley demanding the ball would create more separation within the defense.

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The Broncos were 8-8 last year and will go 10-6 this year. It will be a major disappointment if they do not make the playoffs.

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Denver Broncos 2011 Preview

After the end of a difficult and frustrating run, the Broncos decided to cut ties with coach Josh McDaniels. Although the Denver Broncos featured an explosive passing attack, the end of game results and personnel decisions left much to be desired. After the season, the Broncos hired the general of their all-time best passing attack to fix the team. Legend John Elway was brought in as executive vice president of football operations. Elway brought in former Carolina Panthers coach John Fox to turn around the team’s fortunes. Fox’s presence as a defensive-minded coach is much needed since the Broncos have ranked among the worst defenses in the league over the last several years. Injuries also took their toll which partially explains the disappointing finish for the team. Starting left tackle Ryan Clady and 2009 sack leader Elvis Dumervil both went down before the season even started. Kyle Orton, Erick Decker, Knoswhon Moreno and others all missed time throughout the course of the year.

Kyle Orton enjoyed one of the best campaigns of his career in 2010 under the tutelage of Josh McDaniels. Orton threw for over 3,500 yards and 20 touchdowns, guiding the Denver passing attack to 7th best in the league. Look for those numbers to come down a lot. John Fox preaches winning games by controlling time of possession and playing staunch defense. This means the Denver offense will be much more conservative than the run and gun days of the old regime. The battle for the back up spot is one of the biggest storylines of the preseason with former first round picks Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow competing. The acquisitions of both players were very controversial. Quinn was acquired for a couple of draft picks and last year’s breakout player, running back Peyton Hillis. Tebow was selected in the first round by McDaniels when it was debated by draft pundits whether he should even be drafted at all. At running back Knowshon Moreno is the likely starter despite injury problems last year. Veteran Willis McGahee was brought over from Baltimore to provide insurance and a more powerful complement to Moreno. Brandon Lloyd was a fantasy darling last season totaling over 1,400 yards and 11 touchdowns. Eddie Royal was productive after returning to his slot-receiver role and is a very nice threat in the return game. Second-year receiver Eric Decker had his rookie season marred by injury, but if he can stay healthy he could be poised to have a good year. Tight end is a bit of a weak spot with the starting position up in the air. Daniel Fells was signed over from St. Louis after catching 40 balls with the Rams in 2010. Other candidates include Dante Rosario and Dan Gronkowski, but each has very limited upside. The team hopes the return of Ryan Clady will provide a boost to a weak offensive line that protected the quarterback pretty well, but struggled to open up running lanes.

Although the Denver defense enjoys one of the league’s best homefield advantages with the thin air at Mile High Stadium, the Broncos’ defense has finished close to the bottom the past 6 years. The problem has been a lack of consistency. The Broncos have employed 6 different defensive coordinators over that same time span. Analysts often give quarterbacks a bit of a pass if they have been forced to learn a new system each year. The same holds true for an entire defense if they are unable to build upon concepts each year and are forced to learn new terminology and alignments from different coaches. Denver hopes John Fox, a strong, defensive-minded coach, and new coordinator Dennis Allen can bring that stability. They started their time in Denver by switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3. The change allows sack master Elvis Dumervil, who is coming off a season-ending injury, to return to his more natural position of defensive end. The rest of the line is filled with potential that has not been lived up to with Robert Ayers, Derrick Harvey, Marcus Thomas, and Ryan McBean. Ty Warren from New England and Broderick Bunkley from Philadelphia were brought in to provide veteran leadership and instant production for a struggling defensive line. The linebackers in Denver could quietly be becoming one of the teams strengths. D.J. Williams has always been solid on the field and could flourish in the right system if he keeps his off-field problems and injuries to a minimum. Von Miller terrorized offenses in the Big 12 and was taken 4th overall. Miller is expected to be a huge part of the new defense right away. Joe Mays rounds out the linebackers as a decent option. Third round pick Nate Irving had a very productive career at North Carolina State and could be a good player down the road. Perennial All-pro Champ Bailey was given a four year extension during the off-season and returns as a starting cornerback. Andre Goodman occupies the cornerback slot opposite of Bailey. Playmaking safety Rahim Moore was taken in the second round and will be thrown into fire immediately at free safety. He will learn a lot from his partner, Brian Dawkins, who will man the strong safety position.

This year will most likely be a transitional year for the Denver Broncos. They have to face learning new systems on both sides of the ball that were very different than what they were operating the previous year, and this is sure to come with many bumps in the road, especially for a team that wasn’t very good to begin with. With that being said look for the defense to improve with John Fox calling the shots. The offense likely won’t be as explosive as last year, but they should be able to have moderate success. The Broncos could surprise some teams this year as John Fox will have them playing hard-nosed football. They may be a year away from competing for the top of the division.

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